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Meet Mihov

Known as the “Banker by Day, Artist by Night”, Mihov is the artistic acronym of Deyan Mihov, British – Bulgarian artist and banker, who usually considers both as his passions. He began his art in 2015 as an exercise in mindfulness and creativity, which has progressed since. His art is often inspired by semiotics and is designed to
challenge the thinking of the observer.

Inspiration for the various series is usually derived from the challenges of life and observations of society, culture and the norms of our time. The artist has exhibited and revisited a number of themes, question the current capitalistic system, the divisions in society, social class and status, as well as mental health and stress, as experienced first hand by the artist. 

Mihov currently works and lives in Singapore but has spent his life in the UK, Europe and the USA, which is where majority of his pieces can be found in private

Works have been featured in Forbes Magazine, international TV and published press.

During October 2016 and February 2017, two paintings were made as billboards and exhibited on the London Tube and LA’s Grand Union Station respectively.