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Carnival in the Worst of Times

 Watercolour on 100% hot pressed cotton from Arches, 300 gsm
Height: 410 mm
Width: 610 mm

Signed limited edition prints (up to 10 to be sold) available for £100/piece – Upon request

As 2016 was a year of divide and rise in intolerance, it felt as if one had to force themselves to celebrate.

This is why the piece takes on a journey of the world’s carnivals, from Venice’s mask balls through Australia’s and India’s colourful celebrations, to form a fusion encapsulated in time.

Sketched and painted over a period of 2 months, the work travelled the world while being created, anywhere from the metropolis of London, sunny Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Abu Dhabi and Doha, through India’s Chennai and Bengaluru, ending with Bulgaria’s Sofia, passing on its way through tropical cyclones and continental snow storms.

During February 2017, the work was placed as a billboard at the Grand Union Station of Los Angeles