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Force Majeure


Oil on Canvas
Height: 1520 mm
Width: 1222 mm
Deep Edge



Created over the period of a year, the intricate Force Majeure is a piece that can be viewed from all four sides.

Water is used as the key element for its property of being able to effortlessly transition between different states, such as liquid or gas, which can be reminiscent to the transition to a non-material world. It is also an element that can both calm or kill.

This piece was exhibited at the BCI London in South Kensington, London in 2018 and is also accompanied by it’s own bespoke sound design created by the Sound Hybrid Artist SHA. Recording can be found on YouTube (please use a headset for optimum quality as sound is designed for left/right directions). The sound was designed in collaboration with Mihov to create a different dimension to the art piece. .

The piece is a continuation of the USD bill series as a study of how capitalism acts as a prism on fundamental human emotions.