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The Selye Symphonies

Watercolours and Inks on 100% hot pressed cotton (acid free, 300 grams/sqm)
Height: 610 mm (unframed)
Width: 420 mm (unframed)

Delivered in a black wood minimalist frame

The Selye Symphonies are continuation of ‘Deciding the World’s Future’ thematic, however the focus falls on the physical and psychological states of being. The symphonies represent different moods, while the name comes from Hans Selye who was the first to discover the impact from the psychological state of the mind on the physical state of being. Each piece is an abstract representation of the human being but under a different state.

There are 14 symphonies, numbered between 0 and 13. Selye Symphony Nr 0 was the very first sketch done and was offered in 2018 at an auction in the city of London through eShareLife, raising 4,500 GBP that all went to help fund educating children in Africa. Some of the rest of the symphonies have found homes across Europe and Asia. Please enquire if interested in finding latest availability.